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Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Coach


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Hello, my name is Jenny Florence, welcome to my website, JenFlo Hypnotherapy. I began my Hypnotherapy training in 2015 at the Harvest Clinic in Glasgow, which resulted in my being awarded a Certificate in Personal & Professional Development in Clinical Hypnosis from the University of West London. I furthered my studies in 2016 receiving an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP Coaching with Motivation Training in Boat of Garten.

Hypnotherapy is a completely normal, natural state that we experience every day of our lives, very similar to the feeling of daydreaming, like that feeling you have upon awakening, when you can’t be bothered to get up, you want to stay safe & warm under the duvet. When you are in this state, your mind is much more receptive to suggestions. The deeper part of your mind is much more available to receive & accept positive suggestions, but you will only accept suggestions that are right for you.

Hypnotherapy has many benefits, not least of all the ability of learning to relax. Once the body is relaxed the mind will follow suit and quieten the internal chatter to enable your sub conscious mind to come to the fore for you to make the necessary changes you want to your life. Quite often the unwanted habits we have developed in our lives are due to un-conscious pre-programming, perhaps by people telling you you were useless & would never amount to anything, or by events out-with your control that left you traumatised & grief stricken. Hypnotherapy is a suggestion therapy that can alleviate these unwanted feelings and habits & is a very powerful tool of self healing & transformation.

Here are some of the many benefits of hypnotherapy:

• Alleviate anxiety/stress & depression
• Build self confidence & self esteem
• Weight control
• Stop smoking
• End Panic Attacks
• Ease grief & bereavement
• Trauma Removal
• Abortion –pre & post trauma of
• Binge drinking
• Insomnia/nightmares
• & much more

All clients & treatments will be carried out in the utmost confidence