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  • I received my first hypnotherapy session from Jenny and even after one session I feel so much better, it has helped with the issues I got Jenny to help with. The experience it’s self was very deeply relaxing and took you to a whole different world. It is an experience you need to try! Highly recommended!
    Bryan РAberdeenshire   26 August 2017
  • Well today is one week on and i feel amazin .. i tryed a mouthfull of fizzy juice and got heartburn so back on the water .. i have had no biscuits chocolate or crisps and no fizzyjuice as did not want heart burn so very pleased that i am on track …Brook even had a caramel slice the other day and she did not finish it so popped it in thr binūüėä before i would have finished it .. once again thanks Jenny Florence for this oppertunity and i am 3.5 lbs down this week xxx – Vicky Gordon, Insch, 12 June 2017 – Weight Loss.
  • I went to see Jenny for hypnotherapy because I was going on a long flight to Australia to see my daughter who was travelling around for 12 months so I probably wouldn’t get the opportunity to go there again. The thought of the flight was actually making this holiday of a lifetime seem a bit of a nightmare. Jenny recorded one of my sessions so I could play it at home as many times as I liked before I went away. I must admit I was a little sceptical but I thought I’d nothing to lose. We had 8 flights during the journey and 4 were long haul but as the flights went on I began to realise that I was taking them in my stride and wasn’t feeling any fear. On the return journey to Heathrow the pilot apologised for the turbulence and I couldn’t believe that I’d actually slept through it and hadn’t noticed there was any. My husband even noticed the difference in me. I now feel I could go through that all again and it wouldn’t bother me – thanks to Jenny. I definitely recommend Jenny for hypnotherapy. Alison Spice, Massage Therapist, Alford – 23 April 2017
  • I was so fortunate to be one of your Guinea pigs for hypnotherapy Jenny. I didn’t know what to expect or if there would be any immediate or lasting results but was willing to trust you, relax and go with the flow with an open mind. Being an anxious person normally I was astonished at how relaxed, receptive & responsive I was to your sessions. I have had amazing results and am a more relaxed & confident person in many situations that I wasn’t before, especially those that I found particularly difficult for me. I am dealing with things that I would usually hide away from or run away from & you have helped me to start turning my life around. I can’t thank you enough. Gillian Merchant, Fyvie – 21 January 2017
  • My friend Jenny Florence has helped me stop smoking, amazing results as I’ve tried quite a few times in different ways!! Go see her to help you stop smoking – to lose weight – build confidence – help with grief etc etc there’s so much hypnotherapy can help with. Jodie Bews, Everlong Art Studio, Alford – January 2017
  • From day one I loved my sessions with Jenny, the minute she walked through my door and sat down to listen was like a breath of fresh air. ¬†Just to have someone to listen alone was like a special breakthrough after spending¬†months with professionals who just didn’t really listen in depth to what I was trying to explain about anxiety, so that alone was refreshing for me & I didn’t feel alone. ¬†Jenny¬†has been a great help to me and a good friend & listener too and that makes all the difference & I have been recommending her to all my friends & family. ¬†Lauren McInerney, Alford – October 2016
  • Jenny, I want to thank you so much for the fantastic job you did with my granddaughter. Charlotte was suffering with severe anxiety which resulted in her ‘feeling sick’ whenever she was faced with something she found challenging. Or even when she wasn’t particularly aware of feeling anxious. She was a bit reluctant to see you but you soon put her at her ease, incorporating her nervous giggles into your treatment, telling her laughter was ‘good and healing’. The change was instantaneous and remarkably she stopped complaining daily of feeling sick. She appears to be able to control her anxiety so much more easily and is happier for it. She even asked if she could see you again as she had other issues she’d like to address. It’s given us hope that she’ll settle and enjoy life more! Thank you so much! Ann from Torphins – August 2016
  • Before going to Jenny for hypnosis I can honestly say that I was very sceptical. Her professional, yet approachable manner puts you at ease. Although I loved riding I could not get on without feeling breathless and nauseous, totally lacking any confidence!! The effects of the hypnosis were almost immediate, I went on to compete at local level in Dressage and even travelled to a competition at Dyce and came back with a 2nd place!! I would certainly recommend Jenny – it worked for me!!¬†Alison Smith, Craigievar – August 2016
  • I recently had my first hypnotherapy session with Jenny, with the aim of helping me with the extreme anxiety I was experiencing after my house in Ballater was flooded in December. It was a very easy and relaxing process and I’m delighted that already, my anxiety levels are substantially lower, and the frequent nightmares that were a symptom of that have stopped completely. Thank you so much jenny! Lin Murdoch, Lumsden – August 2016
  • Well I am pleased so far with my hypnotherapy today with Jenny Florence so much energy and will see if the nightmares have gone for good thanks again……. it was an awesome experience to go through and if I need anything I know where u live now haha … I have come home and done the garden and all the weeding when would have just slumped..xx Vicky Gordon, Insch – July 2016
    That has been a month now and no nightmares, I am so happy I get a good night’s sleep and have not found myself in a state waking up from nightmares. Thanks Jenny xxx Update from Vicky Gordon, Insch on 10 August 2016
  • Thank you so much Jenny, we both really enjoyed the hypnotherapy. Both had a great experience and mum said she felt deeply relaxed. I feel the same but also very upbeat and feel like my passion for my art and spirituality has started up again. ¬†You have a very good voice for it. Thanks again for working on us. I hope we were of some help to u too.X Lisa Barron¬†& Mum, Aboyne – July 2016
  • Hi jenny!
    Just to say that I actually slept quite well last night and woke up feeling good!
    Just before going to bed last night as I was having my bath IT kept thinking about the colour BLUE! It wouldn’t leave my mind and every time I started to think about anything else the colour BLUE would push past it!! Really quite amazing!
    I also listened to David Ison, it was his sleep music!
    Your are amazing Jenny! Thank you so much, I think I might pop back at some point for another sleep hypnosis session, will see how this next few nights go but I will try the self hypnosis as well!
    Thank you so much ! Love and hugs xxxx
    Irene Sharp, Glenkindie – July 2016
  • Hi Jenny,¬†Well I am amazed last night the run up to travelling to my event was interesting, no pills taken and I tried not to think about the evening ahead. Once warming up I kept saying to myself my words over and over again and managed two tests without crying or panicking or being sick! The difference is amazing and I am truly thankful for your help. I am having trouble remembering to do the self hynosis but something was certainly different, the only thing is now I cant remember the tests at all and go totally blank when entering the arena, even with a caller i am struggling, is that something along side what you have done before you can help me with please?I really cant believe the difference and I cant thank you enough. I dont think I am sorted yet as the fear etc is still there but I am on route so a happy chappy! ¬†Regards ¬† ¬† Hilary, Aberdeenshire October 2015